Taking it out of first gear…

And we aren’t putting it in reverse!

After a long bumpy road this last week, we can finally get the wheels moving again. Together we’re going to keep them moving forward.

Concerning the site:
Our new host is faster than our old one. The website now support https and its using less resources. These changes makes us think we are leaner, meaner, and running things more efficiently.

Concerning the clothes:
We’re also working to solve a problem that arose on the old site, our “Cover me in Monero” shirt was one of our best sellers but from time to time there’d be issues. The issues came from the process we used to manufacture that shirt. Expect that shirt to return with that problem solved in the near future! Finally, all our shirts are American made, and if the product isn’t we list it that way.

Concerning the Tech:
We’re excited to announce we’ve added Ethereum to our checkout. We still will do manual orders for other coins that we accept, so feel free to ask. Now with all the website headaches figured, we are going to kick it up a notch. Currently for the time being we are offering a discount for Monero user, and will be launching a promo code shortly for everyone else.