Exciting News!

The cold has finally started to roll out into Indiana, and you can guess what that means. We are now in full swing of designing our fall collection, which will be our newest line of clothing products, expect to see that in the coming months!

Before they come we are excited to announce a new service from Indybudmarv2, introducing our new product print/design on demand service. We have been fine tuning a small fleet of 3D printers and now feel ready to start a slow rollout of this service. And to ease into potential demand of our new service this will be a special order service, through email for now. But unlike other printing services, we will continue to hold true to what we do best using and accepting cryptocurrencies. We like keeping that local startup feel, so this service is essentially rolling into a public beta. We have a rollout starting with PLA plastic, in Red, Black, and White. But also will open up orders to other materials and colors, like PETG, and ABS.

Much like many of our products these are made to order, but before shipping these products will be gave a full photo shoot and sent to you, before shipping to ensure they are up to your and our standards, if not, we will reprint free of charge.

Excited to see how this announcement is received!